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About Kruze Academy

Discover our Kruze Academy! With Kruze Academy we wish to share our own expertise with other professionals to further inspire them and broaden their knowledge in the field of coffee and tea.

As a catering manager, would you like a tailor-made training (whether or not) for your staff to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea? Would you like to gain more knowledge about food pairing with coffee or tea? or about specific trends?
Are you already a sommelier or tea fanatic and would you like to delve into the tea sommelier's profession?

We regularly organize training courses on these topics for subject matter experts.

Can't immediately find a training that meets your needs? Contact us personally and we'll see how we can help.

For tea connoisseurs, catering professionals, ...

ITMA program

These courses are mainly intended for people from the tea sector (eg tea shop owners), avid tea enthusiasts, or specialists in the hospitality industry who wish to broaden their knowledge about tea and tea blends for professional purposes.

ITMA is the International Tea Master Academy which as an organization is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for tea education. They offer training at master's level to become an ITMA certified tea sommelier, tea blender, or tea master.

Our Tea Master Stijn went through the entire course and is, in addition to Theemeester, also regional director for Europe at this organization. He has been teaching ITMA courses in the region since 2017.

The perfect cup of coffee or tea for your business.

Are you a (starting) catering business and could you or your staff use some extra information to serve the perfect cup of coffee/tea in your business?
We are happy to give you the necessary explanation, tailored to the tea/coffee you serve. Because nothing is more painfull then choosing a high-quality coffee or tea that does not come into its own because it has not been brewed optimally.

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Tea and Foodpairing

Like wine, tea also pairs well with food. The more you get to know the characteristics of the different teas, the easier it becomes to combine them with food. The trick is to match the right flavor profile of the tea so that the flavors of your meal or ingredients come into their own.
Would you like to learn more about this?

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